Get your loan at the post office

Non-bank loans are characterized by the fact that loan companies listen very carefully to their clients. Thanks to this, many new products, such as the Good Finance check, are introduced to handle the payment of the loan.

Cash dispensers with a Good Finance check do not require verification by a bank account. What is a Good Finance check and how to cash it?

What is a Good Finance check?

What is a Good Finance check?

The Good Finance check is a convenient way to withdraw a loan without verifying your bank account . People looking for a loan without a BIK for those in debt often want to receive cash in hand. The Good Finance check allows you to withdraw credit at any branch in the post office . It does not have to be the nearest post office. Money can be collected even in another city.

A simple way attracts more and more customers! If you do not want to verify your identity through a bank account, a check is the best solution for you.

How do you make a Good Finance check? – step by step

Nowadays, everyone values ‚Äč‚Äčtime. Filling out the Good Finance check and its execution is very quick . A simple solution will not be a problem in getting cash today. Just go through the four steps below:

  1. When applying for a loan, select Good Finance CHECK as the withdrawal method.
  2. Go to a post office.
  3. You will need your ID card to verify your identity . Show it in the window with the Good Finance check.
  4. You will receive cash directly in your hand.  

Post office loan

Post office loan

When applying for a loan, we don’t always want to receive money on the account. Not everyone has a personal bank account to which payday payday loans could be transferred. For some time, such people had trouble getting extra cash. Opposing these problems, lenders have enabled their clients to get their money at the post office.

Branches of Good Credit are available in almost every town, even the smaller ones. Therefore, you can easily approach them and pick up the loan. The only document you need to take with you is your ID card. It is needed to verify your data. Of course, you can also verify online by a few methods.

Advantages of a post office loan

Many advantages have been mentioned above in the article. To remind you and add new ones, the advantages of a post office loan are:

  • you do not need to have a bank account,
  • it’s not that expensive
  • simple form
  • money is received,
  • collection of loans at every post office.

The basket is only USD 13

Yes, exactly 13 USD Good Finance . Most often this fee is added to the first installment of the loan. You don’t have to worry about the additional fees associated with a post office loan.

Credit for the indebted and the Good Finance check

Credit for the indebted and the Good Finance check

People in debt with BIK, KRD or bailiff often think that the Good Finance check will solve their problems with obtaining a positive credit decision. Unfortunately, few companies grant loans to people in debt. People with debts can also use the check, but first their application must be approved by the lending company.

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