Get your loan at the post office

Non-bank loans are characterized by the fact that loan companies listen very carefully to their clients. Thanks to this, many new products, such as the Good Finance check, are introduced to handle the payment of the loan. Cash dispensers with a Good Finance check do not require verification by a bank account. What is a

Loan on interest – Read before you take

Illness, accident, job loss are just a few examples that can cause a bad budget for your home. We have no influence on many of these elements. They come to us suddenly and without asking. And what if, apart from worrying about the disease, we have loan companies on our minds that are pursuing us

Loan promissory note – when is it worth taking a loan?

Of course, the most popular money lending institutions are banks. A person applying for a loan will visit a bank branch first. If there is a refusal after the application, we usually apply for funding in non-bank companies. On the other hand, they treat customers less rigorously and those whom the bank refused have a

Mortgage loan – blacklist – solution

For 34,000 mortgage loans, the public sale of their home threatens! All people who have ended up on the so-called “black list” of the National Bank of Belgium. Are there no more solutions for these people? Maybe not for everyone, but there are solutions. You just have to know. We list a few: Talk to

The problem of payments and interest on credit cards

Credit cards are a great financing instrument because they allow you to get extra liquidity at specific times, such as higher account expenses, which is preferable to reimburse in monthly installments to avoid unbalancing the domestic economy. However, misuse of these plastics can cause indebtedness for several years. From the financial comparator MakeACash clarify what

Payday loans – what interest rate?

Payday loans are widely available financial products, which people eagerly reach for. Most often, the decision on such a loan appears when we need money for already. Payday loans can appear on our account even the same day we submit the application. But what are the costs of payday loans? What is their interest rate?